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Whatever Man

Collective Arts Brewing

Tooth & Nail Frisch WetHOP™ Pale Ale

$15.75 CAD

This collaboration with Tooth and Nail Brewing in Ottawa is a re-brew of a unique German Pale Ale we originally made at their place in the nation's capital. Named "Frisch" (German for "Fresh"), this beer uses WetHOP™ Hallertau Blanc and WetHOP™ Callista hops from our friends at Brew Culture, the only ones in Canada who offer these unique fresh German hops. WetHOP™ is a preservation technology for freshly harvested hops that allows us in North America to use German hops and retain their freshly harvested 'wet hop' qualities. Expect a lovely fresh green hop character, with the subtle notes of citrus, stone fruit, white wine and fresh cut grass.

4.5% ABV