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Stockz, also known as “Skateboard Cane”, government name: Myles Anderson, is a Los Angeles-based recording artist.⁠


A Houston native, Stockz began his creative journey by songwriting, rapping, directing music videos and modeling in 2011. His breakout mixtape, “Breathing Room”, was released in 2011, and followed by “Mylesdeep” and “Ignorance EP”, released in 2012 and 2014, respectively. While independently releasing videos/singles throughout 2017 and 2018 Stockz gained the attention of executives from Jay-Z’s Rocnation label, and became their newest management signee in late 2018.⁠ 



Stockz is one of four EQ Distro musicians featured on our latest edition of Audio/Visual Lager. Check out out the other three musicians: Tangina StoneAsoh Black!, and Sunny Picasso.


Audio/Visual Lager

Audio/Visual Lager embodies our love for music and our passion to push the boundaries for emerging talent. When we set out to make an easy-drinking lager, we wanted to use it as an opportunity for our community to discover new music. This collaborative series celebrates the intersection of art, music and beer, featuring a record label, four bands and one visual artist. For this series of Audio/Visual we partnered with EQ Distro, an independent music distribution company based in New York City, with visual art by Wes Art Studio, a Mexico City-based graphic design studio.


Stockz Audio/Visual Lager Art