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Whatever Man

Welcome to Audio/Visual 2.0


Beer and music go together like no other and we here at Collective Arts are taking this to the next level!

The relaunch of Audio/Visual is officially happening! And not to worry - your favourite lager hasn’t changed - only the can it comes in. 


Like the rest of Collective Arts, the team wanted to take their love of music and work to help build back up an industry ravaged by the pandemic, connecting music-fans with emerging arts across the globe. By scanning the QR Code on one of our newly designed cans, you will be taken to this landing page where you can stay up to date with new playlists, artist interviews, album reviews, videos, venue news, shows & more!!!


Collective Arts will be working with music writers and contributors from around the globe, who have their finger on the pulse of the best new artists and industry news. 


Got a playlist idea or a band you want us to check out? Email Us! 


Stay tuned…..

-The Collective Arts Audio/Visual Team



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