collective arts

& inclusion


The active practice of listening and including those inside & outside of the company, who come from a range of unique social and ethnic backgrounds, genders, classes and orientations.


Collective Arts actively practices to provide equal access, opportunities and resources to those who differ in race, gender, sexuality, or ability. Nobody is, has or will be excluded.


We are a collective. Period. Everyone in the Collective Arts family has a valued opinion and deserves equal opportunity for advancement, acknowledgement.


Why now? Why these pronouns?

Feb 23, 2022

We discuss the importance of using gender pronouns in society and the workplace while also providing some helpful resources to gain a better understanding of how to correctly address others.

Letter From The Collective Arts Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Feb 23, 2022

A quick intro to the plans and goals of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee as well as information regarding the National Day for Truth & Reconciliation, a free Indigenous learning course through University of Alberta, and LGBTQIA+ Hamilton resources.