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"Releasing a beer in Canada has been a really big goal for us since we got into making it 5 years ago. It’s obviously one of the most important beer markets in the world, as well as one of RTJ’s biggest & most important music audiences, so for us it’s a win-win. And to do it with Collective Arts, who were #1 on our wishlist, plus release it while we’re in town with our friends Rage Against the Machine makes it a real Venn diagram of awesomeness, and a very special moment for us"

- Killer Mike & El-P, Run The Jewels

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Get It

GET IT is an easy drinking Dry-Hopped Blonde Ale.

This brew was created to be the ultimate refreshing beer, one you can sip on a summer day while you're hanging out, enjoying your favorite tunes in the backyard. Bright yellow haze in appearance, with a subtle but present dry-hop of Citra and Enigma hops puts a tropical fruit and citrus twist on a clean blonde ale.

Art: Blumoo | Lima, Peru

Meet Blumoo

Jordy García, aka BLUMOO, is dedicated to the creation of musical posters, as well as posters about life and the odd experiment. He is inspired by everything that surrounds him in his daily life, and his works are based on the cosmic, spatial, and abstract. He likes to use geometric images, multi-color combinations, and simple themes to create unique posters that stand out for everyone.

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